Decentralized NFT-Algorithm

Project on Ethereum

DAO powered by NFTs

Who are we?

Project DNA is an NFT-based, multi-chain yield processing NFT-Algorithm, powered by NFTs and DAO Treasury. We have revolutionized Nodes, Reflection, Staking, and DAO into one. We are excited to call it “NFT-A”, Decentralized NFT-Algorithm.
The community that participates in our governance token, $SNFT, will have full voting rights to Project DNA’s Treasury, nominations to multisig wallets, treasury investment, and much more. 

Team DNA aims to achieve

Our Goals

The core team aims to build a sustainable project in the crypto space. Project DNA like every living DNA organism will strive to be the survivor of crypto projects, evolving constantly in the space. We are determined to consistently launch top-quality projects with real-world utilities.
Project DNA will be a brand. We will explore all avenues crypto to real-world products like our own brand of medicinal marijuana. If we can pool together the great ideas and filter them effectively, the sky’s the limit. Imagine a launchpad with in-house designers, developers and a community full of great ideas.

Project DNA Roadmap